Kabloom intro

Cagney Carnation being dumb

“Fools who attempt to fight this will leave with allergic rhinitis!”
Cagney Carnation, Death Screen (Phase One)

Cagney Carnation is a sub-boss that appears in Floral Fury.

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Sum Edit


Before the battle begins, Cagney Carnation transforms from a cute flower into a devious flower. Once the player deals enough damage to Cagney Carnation in Normal mode, he sticks the hands into the ground, and then changes his appearance and grows vines on the ground, meaning that Cuphead and Mugman cannot stay on the dirt. Upon defeat, he loses his eyes and goes out of control.

 ? Edit

Flower Head Punch

Cagney Carnation using the Flower Head Punch under the platforms.

Cagney Carnation will launch his face either under or over the platforms.

Hand Attack Edit

Cagney Carnation will either summon 3 Acorns or a Boomerang-like attack.

Seedling Gun Edit

Cagney Carnation will act like a Gatling Gun, except it will shoot seeds instead: Red Seeds creates flowers; Blue Seeds creates Chompers which shoots their head; and Purple Seeds creates Muncher-like enemies.

Phase 2 Edit


“Extreme pollination and total domination!”
Cagney Carnation, Death Screen (Phase Two)


Vine Strike Edit

Cagney Carnation will randomly use this attack on flying Platforms, not to grab them.

Pollen Spit Edit

Cagney Carnation spits out Pollen.

Trivia Edit

Kabloom pre-release
Cagney Carnation in an early screenshot.

  • Cagney Carnation originally was going to be on the left side of the screen, but now he now located on the right side instead.
  • There are some pictures that show him at the left corner of the screen. Probably, he would have the capability to get under the ground and appear at the other side.
  • His idle animation is said to be a reference to a character from "Swing, You Sinners"