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The start is that the ghost pops out and SCARES you. Really. After a few hits, Phase 2 starts. T-Bone shows up! Apparently you might want to move out of T-Bone's way. Then there's two heads on the next one..and then the front COMES TO LIFE. Creepy! Once you beat it? Ya win.

Attacks Edit

Blind Specter Edit

Eye Scream! Edit

Blind spector is a blue ghost who has no eye but he does have them on his hands. He only has one attack when you fight him which is to shake his hands,they will proceed to shoot out the eyeballs he has. They will bounce up and down trying to attack you. Ocasionally a little pumpkin will fly above and drop a brick ( which you can parry). He is the easiest of all the ghosts on the train..

T-Bone Edit

The Monster MASH! Edit

Double Horror!Edit

They Disconnect from their heads, shoot LIGHTNING, and there's TWO OF THEM? Yeah. I know.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, there is a picture, relying on the Blaze Brothers, two wood monsters blasting fire out of their mouths with ghosts being launched from the choo choo thingie. they are gay